Car Parts Warehouse Warranty Information

-Every part we sell is covered for a minimum of one year/unlimited miles.  Many parts are covered for up to four years/unlimited miles.  You can also purchase a warranty upgrade ranging up to lifetime parts warranty.

-This is NOT a manufacturer's warranty.  We, Car Parts Warehouse, personally warranty the part.  You deal directly with us.  Before, during, and after the sale, the phone number stays the same. 

-Warranty claims are handled by the same people who sold you the parts.  There is huge value in that.  The same people will be there with you through the entire sales cycle - inquiry, quote, sale, warranty, etc.

-Our warranty covers the part and the shipping involved.  Meaning, if the part is defective, shipping it back to us is our responsibility.  Shipping you the replacement is also our responsibility.  We stand by our parts all the way.  We can afford this liberal warranty because we know our parts are top quality.