Car Parts Warehouse Shipping Information

-Car Parts Warehouse ships all orders over $50 free of charge, insured via UPS Ground.  Plain and simple.  Need the part sooner? No problem, FedEx Next Day Overnight and Second Day Overnight options are available as well.  On overnight shipping, we charge you exactly what we get charged.  We see it as a way of providing convenience to our customers, not a way to make a profit.

-All orders placed before the shipping deadline will ship same day.  As soon as UPS (or FedEx) pick scan your package, we promptly email you the tracking number.  In the rare occasion that the part is not in stock, it will ship within 24 hours.  You will be notified if the part is not in stock by email if the order is placed online, live if the order is placed over the phone. 

-We also stretch our shipping deadline as late as possible.  All UPS ground orders must be placed before 6pm EST.  All FedEx air shipment orders must be placed before 7pm EST.  Do the research and you will find our shipment deadlines to be the most liberal in the auto parts industry.  You get a few hours of 'order time,' insuring same day shipment.

-Shipping on warranty claims is covered as well.  Meaning, if our part turns out to be defective and a warranty claim occurs, we cover the shipping of the new part to you and to get the defective part back.  Again, check the competition.  Our competitors make the customer send in their part (customer pays shipping) and upon inspection, either the same part or a new part will be shipped back (customer pays shipping, again).  Not the case at Car Parts Warehouse.