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It is always best to maintain your car in good condition. One of the engine components found in the front of the vehicle is the radiator. The radiator helps in maintaining the temperature of the engine. Many of us do not understand the importance of the radiator in the vehicle and ignore it most often. So, it is important that you maintain the radiator in good condition for you to enjoy a trouble-free driving experience. The main function of the Radiator is that it controls the heat generated by the combustion process, namely, the boiling hot engine coolant. If the radiator problems are ignored in the early stages then they may cause more problems down the line.

The main function of this small but efficient component is to cool the internal combustion engine in your vehicle. Mainly, this refers to engines in automobiles but you can also find a radiator in piston-engine air crafts, railway engines, motorcycles and much more. The functioning of an engine radiator is simple. The liquid coolant is passed throughout the engine block. Generally the engine coolant is heated due to the process of the engine and the coolant loses its heat here to the atmosphere in the radiator. Usually, the coolants are water based but sometimes oil is also used. Along with the coolant, a radiator fan also helps in cooling the engine.

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For its efficient cooling performance, the radiator has a few contributing components. First, it has a pair of header tanks linked to the narrow pathways with the help of a core. Thus, a high volume of area is used for its cooling function. The core which links is made of layers of metal sheets and they are pressed together either by soldering or brazing. With advancements in technology, the radiators are made using a plastic header and aluminum cores. This construction also helps in easy repairing of the radiator.

Radiator units are a very integral part to your vehicle and their condition should be checked regularly. If this isn't done, replacement of even more expensive parts may become necessary. You can always make sure that your vehicle engine runs in a proper condition and you should always check on the health of your vehicle.

Hopefully your radiator is working perfectly, but when a problem arises you need to check it immediately. If not, you may need to make some expensive replacements. So, for you to enjoy a trouble-free drive, ensure your vehicle's radiator is in good condition. At Car Parts Warehouse we offer a full line of car parts including radiator parts for all domestic and imported vehicles. All you need to do is to select the year, model and make of your vehicle to find its parts from our online catalog. Upon finding the parts you need, place an order and we will ship to you on time from our nearest warehouse. We offer free shipping for all orders above US $50. If you have any questions regarding car parts or would like to place an order with one of our US based customer service representatives, call us toll free at 1-800-565-5021.



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