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Subaru Legacy Mass Air Flow Sensor

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Contrary to popular belief, Subaru does not make their own mass air flow sensors. A third party (known as the OEM - original equipment manufacturer) actually manufactures and sells these factory mass air flow sensors directly to Subaru. Subaru then installs these mass air flow sensors in your Legacy at the factory assembly line. We sell the same OEM Subaru Legacy mass air flow sensors that you would buy directly from a Subaru dealer, but at a much more affordable price!

MAF Sensors are sometimes called MAF meters - exact same part, different name. We also manufacture our own version of every OEM mass air flow sensor to exact factory specs.  The Car Parts Warehouse brand mass air flow sensors look, fit, and perform the same as the factory Subaru mass air flow sensors. Because you are buying directly from the manufacturer, you are able to buy them at just a fraction of the price!

Anytime you call Car Parts Warehouse you will speak with one of our mass air flow sensor specialists located in the USA. We are proud to provide industry leading customer service and warranties. Our customers love working with us and continue to show us their appreciation by leaving us outstanding online reviews.



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