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Toyota AC Evaporator

Toyota is a leading automobiles manufacturing company with its headquarters in Japan. The Toyota AC evaporator is one of the most important parts of the air conditioning system in your car. The Toyota AC evaporator primarily absorbs all the heat from the system and emits to a receiver. The cool air is then finally transmitted to the interior of the car from the evaporator.

The Toyota AC evaporator works by passing warm air over the coils of the evaporator. The warmness of the air heats the liquid refrigerant present inside so as to cause the liquid to be converted to gas. At the same time, the air looses its heat and turns cold. The cold air is heated by the surrounding and is passed again until the temperature of the liquid refrigerant equals the temperature of the surroundings. Then, the system gets shut off or cycles back, depending on the metering device. The Toyota AC evaporator is similar to a cold radiator that allows heat dissipation. After the gas becomes cold on passing through the AC expansion valve, the gas travels through metal lines to the AC evaporator core. The cold gas flowing into the Toyota AC evaporator makes it cold and then a fan blows air across it. After being filtered through an AC filter, the air then flows out of the vents and into the cabin of the vehicle.

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The temperature of the coil of the evaporator should be maintained at a temperature and pressure lower than the surroundings. Since, the AC evaporator coil contains refrigerant that absorbs heat from the surrounding air, the refrigerant temperature must be lower than the air. The expansion device provides a pressure gradient between the high side and the low side of the air conditioning system so that the saturation temperature of the refrigerant entering the Toyota AC evaporator is lower than the medium to be cooled.

If any of the AC components is malfunctioning, all the parts in the air conditioning system will be affected. So if your Toyota AC evaporator is not functioning, get it fixed as soon as possible. You can get a fast and free shipping from Car Parts Warehouse. We provide a lot more offers with the purchase of Toyota AC evaporator. To further know about our sales and services at Car Parts Warehouse you can contact our support team functioning round the clock through the toll free number 1-800-565-5021. You can call us from Monday to Friday. We offer United States based customer service. If you have any queries you can feel free to contact us through the mail at


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Toyota Landcruiser                    A/C EvaporatorA/C Evaporator

1994 - 1997  Toyota  Landcruiser

Part Number: 60-50011 N
Part: A/C Evaporator - A/C Evaporator
Descript: All Models      
Original Price: $115
Sale Price: $113.85
Core: $0
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Toyota 4 Runner                       A/C EvaporatorA/C Evaporator

1996 - 2002  Toyota  4 Runner

Part Number: 60-50149 N
Part: A/C Evaporator - A/C Evaporator
Descript: 3.4L Engine      
Original Price: $115
Sale Price: $113.85
Core: $0
Free Shipping!


Toyota Tacoma                         A/C EvaporatorA/C Evaporator

1995 - 2004  Toyota  Tacoma

Part Number: 60-50152 N
Part: A/C Evaporator - A/C Evaporator
Descript: 2.4L and 2.7L      
Original Price: $135
Sale Price: $133.65
Core: $0
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