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Porsche Steering Pump

The Porsche is a German brand of vehicle that is own by people allover the world. The market value of the Porsche vehicle is high because of the latest features like the low-cut windshield and the mid engine design implemented in it. If your vehicle is one of the models of the Porsche vehicle like the Boxster, the Cavenne, the Cayman, the Carrera GT, 911, 944 and 968, then you can find the high quality replacement parts from the Car Parts Warehouse.

Any vehicle system can function properly only if it is in a good working condition. If all the function in a vehicle system is proper, the life of all the vehicle parts will be long lasting. There are various components in the vehicle system like the steering system, the engine system, the air conditioning system, etc. The steering system is the one of the major component in it. There are various parts in the steering system like the steering pump, the wheel, the shaft, the gear box, the tie rods, the pinion, the linkage, the bracket, the bushings, the hose, the stabilizer, the piston, the rack, the pitman arm and the coupler. The steering pump is the basic component in the steering system. The Porsche steering pump is a device that is similar to a motor. The purpose of the Porsche steering pump is to control the wheels of the vehicle. The Porsche steering pump consists of two rotatory vane pumps in it. The Porsche steering pump is used to generate the hydraulic power. The working of the Porsche steering pump is made with the hydraulic fluid let to pass through the rotatory vanes. The hydraulic power is extracted from the fluid by letting it in through the inlet vane and letting it out through the outlet vane. As the Porsche steering pump generates the hydraulic power, it aids the power performance of the vehicle steering system.

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For the long lasting power performance to your vehicle, the Porsche steering pump must be in proper condition. If the Porsche steering pump of your vehicle is worn, find the replacement at the earliest. We at Car Parts Warehouse have the original equipment (OEM) and aftermarket replacement parts. You can order the Porsche steering pump from our online catalog by selecting the make, model and the year of purchase of your vehicle.

If you are unable to find the Porsche steering pump from our online catalog, bring it to our knowledge and we will provide you at the earliest. We have an active sales and support team with the United States based customer support from Monday through Friday. We render a toll free line 1-800-565-5021 and an email assistance at


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Porsche 911                            Steering Pump

1995 - 1995  Porsche  911

Part Number: 86-00127 R
Part: Steering Pump - Steering Pump
Descript: OE 99331405027      
Original Price: $150
Sale Price: $150.00
Core: $50
Free Shipping!


Porsche 928                            Steering Pump

1978 - 1984  Porsche  928

Part Number: 86-00346 R
Part: Steering Pump - Steering Pump
Descript: All Models      
Original Price: $185
Sale Price: $185.00
Core: $160
Free Shipping!


Porsche 928                            Steering Pump

1984 - 1996  Porsche  928

Part Number: 86-00355 OR
Part: Steering Pump - Steering Pump
Descript: All Models      
Original Price: $640
Sale Price: $640.00
Core: $100
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