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Ford Inner Tie Rod End

Among the car systems of your vehicle steering system is one of the most importance. It should be given more concentration on maintaining steering system of the car. This is because it is the one which is used to control our vehicle to the desired direction. Different car systems contain different parts that work together to provide optimum function to the entire system. In this case, the steering system of a vehicle also consists of certain parts that work together to get the job done. These car parts include the steering wheel, the shaft, the rack, the gears, the tie rods, wheels, and the tie rod ends.

Inner Tie Rod End in Ford

Tie rod ends are the connecting link to the steering. The Ford tie rod end performs an important role in the vehicle's steering system. It holds the entire weight of the vehicle as well as the weight of the passengers inside it. Therefore the tie rod end should be durable enough to withstand the weight of the car and the passengers. There are always two tie rod ends; an inner and outer. The tie rod end itself is a ball held in a socket within the arm. This ball has a stud attached to it to allow it to be connected to either end of the steering mechanism. This ball and socket has a grease fitting to lubricate it. The ball (tie rod end) is tight in the socket but has the ability to swivel.

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Ford Inner Tie Rod End Replacement

Ford Inner Tie rod End Replacement for a conventional rear wheel drive vehicle with a steering gear box can be made separately. Connect the tie rod ends together by an adjustable threaded tube. Each tie rod threaded end must be screwed into opposing ends of the tube. Attach the inner tie rod to a drag link and the other to the spindle or the part the tire and wheel is mounted on. The threaded tube has two clamps and when loosened, is used to adjust the alignment.

For Replacement of Ford Inner Tie rod End in a front wheel drive or any vehicle with rack and pinion steering, there are two tie rod ends, however they differ in their attachment points. On a rack and pinion, the inner tie rod end resembles a drum stick with threads on the handle and a ball socket on the other end. The ball socket has threads to attach it to the rack. The outer tie rod end has a female threaded end that screws on to the shaft from the inner tie rod end and is secured in place by a lock-nut. The inner tie rod end is the tie rod that commonly wears out in most cars. It can be tested and replaced the same way as the conventional one tie rod end. To know more information about Ford Inner Tie Rod End, call us at 1-800-565-5021 or you can also reach us at


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Ford Mustang                        Inner Tie Rod EndInner Tie Rod End

1974 - 1978  Ford  Mustang

Part Number: 85-20008 N
Part: Inner Tie Rod End - Inner Tie Rod End
Descript: Inner Tie Rod End - Manual Steering      
Original Price: $42.5
Sale Price: $42.08
Core: $0
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Ford Explorer                       Inner Tie Rod EndInner Tie Rod End

2002 - 2005  Ford  Explorer

Part Number: 85-20138 AN
Part: Inner Tie Rod End - Inner Tie Rod End
Descript: Inner Tie Rod End - 4.6L Engine      
Original Price: $35
Sale Price: $34.65
Core: $0
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