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Chevrolet S10 Truck Ignition Distributor

In your Chevrolet S10 Truck, the ignition distributor plays a vital part in the electrical system. The ignition distributor is responsible for directing electrical current to the spark plugs. The ignition coil sends electrical current to the distributor. The current is passed from the coil to top of the distributor through a wire. In mechanical ignition systems the distributor can also be used to control the timing advance. A worn out ignition distributor will definitely affect the engine performance, fuel economy and emissions. The distributor is the heart of the ignition system because it routes or distributes the coil's high voltage output to the individual spark plugs.

The cap and the rotor of the ignition distributor help to distribute high voltage from the coil to the correct cylinder. The coil is connected with the rotor which rotates inside the cap. The metal part of the rotor is connected to the high voltage cable from the coil. When the rotor spins within the distributor the electrical current jumps the gaps created in between the contacts and the rotor arm due to the high voltage created by the ignition coil.

If your ignition distributor is malfunctioning it must be replaced immediately before it causes damage to your engine. Car Parts Warehouse provides a wide selection of car replacement parts at wholesale prices. We carry parts for all makes and models. We only carry direct replacement parts that are guaranteed to fit your vehicle. We are proud to be known for the quality of our car parts. All of our car parts are genuine in quality and are tested to meet or exceed the industry standards.

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We provide genuine OEM replacement and premium aftermarket parts at affordable prices. You can easily place an order for your Chevrolet ignition distributor on our online store. To view our online car parts database, you need to select the right year of your Chevrolet S10 Truck. If you are unable to find the parts that you need, then we will help you find them. We have our warehouses located in different parts of the country to ensure that you will receive your car parts order as quickly as you need it.

To find out more about our services and our car parts, call our toll free support line 1-800-565-5021 or email, We provide free shipping on all orders above US $50. We will always deliver the ignition distributor as quickly as possible. Our USA Based experts are standing by to serve all of your car parts needs!


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Chevrolet S10 Truck                      Ignition DistributorIgnition Distributor

1996 - 2004  Chevrolet  S10 Truck

Part Number: 32-00037 N
Part: Ignition Distributor - Ignition Distributor
Descript: 4.3L Engine      
Original Price: $100.66
Sale Price: $99.65
Core: $0
Free Shipping!


Chevrolet S10 Truck                      Ignition DistributorIgnition Distributor

1985 - 1991  Chevrolet  S10 Truck

Part Number: 32-00041 N
Part: Ignition Distributor - Ignition Distributor
Descript: 2.5L Engine      
Original Price: $62.91
Sale Price: $62.28
Core: $0
Free Shipping!


Chevrolet S10 Truck                      Ignition DistributorIgnition Distributor

1988 - 1994  Chevrolet  S10 Truck

Part Number: 32-00043 N
Part: Ignition Distributor - Ignition Distributor
Descript: 4.3L Engine Model      
Original Price: $76.91
Sale Price: $76.14
Core: $0
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