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BMW 533 A/C Accumulator/Drier

The air conditioning system is a luxury component of a vehicle in the olden days. But in the recent days, most of the commercial vehicle contains the air conditioning system. The air conditioning system is one of the electronic devices that is available in your vehicle. There are various components found in the air conditioning system like the compressor, condenser, evaporator, expansion device and the accumulator drier. For the cooling and the conditioning of the air in the vehicle atmosphere, there is a fluid involved which is known as the refrigerant. For the purpose of cooling, the refrigerant gets pressurized with the help of the compressor. The refrigerant input to this compressor must be a gas and not a liquid. But the refrigerant output from the evaporator is in a liquid form. So the BMW 533 A/C accumulator/drier is connected to the input of the compressor.

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 1983  1984


The function of the BMW 533 A/C accumulator/drier is to collect all the liquid refrigerant that passes through it. For this purpose the BMW 533 A/C accumulator/drier is split into two components which is the accumulator and the drier. First the refrigerant from the evaporator is let to the accumulator. In the accumulator of the BMW 533 A/C accumulator/drier, all the liquid refrigerant is collected as the refrigerant passes through it. Then this refrigerant is let to pass through the drier part of the BMW 533 A/C accumulator/drier. The refrigerant reaching the drier has a negligible amount of moisture content in it. But even this small amount of moisture will damage the AC system. So the drier removes the moisture completely from the refrigerant. Now the output from the BMW 533 A/C accumulator/drier is purely a gaseous refrigerant.

Any malfunction in the BMW 533 A/C accumulator/drier will fail in removing the liquid or the moisture content in the refrigerant. So maintaining the BMW 533 A/C accumulator/drier is proper condition is very important. If there is any small problem in the BMW 533 A/C accumulator/drier of your vehicle, replace it immediately. The Car Parts Warehouse is the genuine marketer of the vehicle replacement parts. You can purchase the BMW 533 A/C accumulator/drier from Car Parts Warehouse with the ease of online purchase. For this, you have to pick the make, model and the year of manufacture of your vehicle. If you have any queries regarding the purchase of the BMW 533 A/C accumulator/drier, contact our sales and support team. You can call us through the toll free helpline provided at 1-800-565-5021. You can also send your queries on BMW 533 A/C accumulator/drier through the email at


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BMW 533                            A/C Accumulator/DrierA/C Accumulator/Drier

1983 - 1984  BMW  533

Part Number: 60-30582
Part: A/C Accumulator/Drier - A/C Accumulator/Drier
Descript: All Models      
Original Price: $65
Sale Price: $64.35
Core: $0
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